The Secret Competition!


Read Secrets and tell children’s author Mike Taylor what the two children will do next with their discoveries of invisibility paint and anti-gravity paint!

Who can enter?

Children aged 7 years old upwards from any country in the world that Amazon delivers to!

What are the limits?

Entries must be in English and 500 words or less.

When do I have to have my entry in?

Entries must be received by author Mike Taylor ( no later than 12pm midnight on Monday 31 January 2022.

How do I enter?

Send your name, age, Amazon country and your ideas to:

What is the prize?

There will be two winners! One boy and one girl.

Author Mike Taylor will change the names of the children in ‘Secrets’ in published book Magic Soup Short Stories to be the names of the two winners (one a boy and one from a girl).

The winners will each receive three free copies of Magic Soup Short Stories, containing the story about them!

Who judges the entries?

Author Mike Taylor will be the sole deciding judge of the competition (and may consult others in the book industry). His decision will be final and the winners will be notified by email.


Author Mike Taylor may use any ideas submitted in any future book and may or may not credit those ideas. Participation in the competition is acceptance of the terms of the competition.