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Author Mike Taylor writes books for children aged 5 upwards, and for grown ups.

Imagine facing the Dragon King or picking the leaves of the Wonder Tree and having the intelligence of a genius. What if you had a secret underground laboratory in your back yard?

This collection of thirty fun, inspiring and engaging short stories for kids aged 7 upwards (and grown ups) and features children who gain magical powers, meet dragons, enter a parallel universe, meet their future self, foresee the future and much more.

There are new myths and legends, science fiction stories, gentle fantasy worlds, some more Magic Soup stories, the chance to be Cleopatra, Santa, the Tooth Fairy and the Easter Rabbit, meet Confucius, aliens and even save a whale!

“I loved every single story, but what surprised me even more was that the author included ‘creative notes’ for each of his stories at the end of the book which gives you an insight into his writing process and inspiration for the stories. I think this could prove useful for those who have a passion for writing (especially youngsters) and would like to have a view of what the process is like. I loved everything about this book, including the mini illustrations.”

Melina @melisbookreviews

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Written as a child’s first real novel, this beautiful 200 page tale of five animal friends experiencing magic is full of laughter, curiosity and fun. The lovable characters will have children aged five to twelve years turning page after page. Suitable as a bedtime story for younger readers through to early independent readers with each chapter the perfect size for one night.

“I love it. It’s a huge favourite for me. The story, the characters, it’s very funny, original and magical. One of my favourite parts is when Periwinkle gets shut in the letterbox and the others think the letterbox is talking. Also the invisibility magic is so funny with the banana.”

Tula, aged 10

“Magic Soup is really funny and the magic makes me laugh.”

Beatrix, aged 8

Magic Soup is a beautifully sweet, funny tale of a day in the life of the house and its inhabitants. It’s not often a wizard visits and there’s a whole lot of fun magic happening! The characters experience magic in lovely, fun and innocent ways.”

Neal, Tula’s Dad, Auckland

Magic Soup is a friendly tale full of laughter, curiosity and fun.  The lovable characters had my daughter laughing and the magic had her turning page after page.  Suitable as a bedtime story for younger readers, and later, for independent readers with easy conversational flow.  I will always treasure this book for the peals of laughter I heard as my daughter’s reading confidence exploded!

Jonathan, Beatrix’s Dad, Melbourne

The imminence of death crystallizes what matters from the furniture of our lives, including who are saviours. This authentic lurching journey through the eyes of a Melbourne lawyer having the world’s latest drug is relevant to everyone touched by cancer.


Written for Mike’s two children, twenty five short but enchanting chapters follow the magical adventures of six animals who live together when a passing wizard stops in for the night.

Mike Taylor's private children's gentle fantasy review book

This book was a limited unedited print run. Reviews have been incorporated and the manuscript has been professionally reviewed and edited. Stand by for the next exciting release!!

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